WAYOUT Gallery  (CEMENTA Group.)

Kandos, NSW Australia

EXHIBITION DATES January 9 to February 21, 2021


A group exhibition featuring the work of Tanja Bruckner, Steve Tierney, Freya Jobbins and Selena Murray. Four artists who appropriate, de-contextualize and subvert existing objects, images and techniques to explore identity, aesthetics of representation and environment.

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The works of Tanja Bruckner, Steve Tierney, Freya Jobbins and floral/sculptural artist Selena Murray disrupt existing narratives of identity, beauty and traditional art forms. They aim to challenge what audiences are accustomed to consuming, subverting not only the specific themes explored but the entire the viewing process.

In Sydney based artists, Tierney/Bruckner’s collaborative images, the viewer is presented with familiar lines and shapes seen in fashion and pop culture. However, through the considered layering of Steve’s own body parts and hair as well as the intended use of negative space, the artists reveal a vulnerability and soft sexuality in the final image. Lessening the viewer’s connection to exploitative and overly sexualised imagery the fashion industry is known for. 

Freya Jobbins lives in rural Lakesland, just over an hour from Sydney. As a multi-disciplinary artist she works in assemblage, collage, printmaking, installation, imagery, and video, often creating works linked in subject matter but in multi mediums. She says of her work, “Self-preservation is the first law of nature - which includes humans, a basic instinct. Pain and fear are an integral part of this built in mechanism. Some responses may be over specialised regarding a threat, especially if this threat does not have a physical presence, like an air borne virus but what if another human is the vector here – to me. Use all means necessary.”

Selena Murray is a regional artist who’s sculptural works use sustainably sourced flora and found objects (most of which were sourced during isolation) associated with adornment and projecting how humans ‘like to dress things up’, showing our obsession with material objects. Her work highlights the everyday disparity between humans and the natural world.

Subverted Expectation was the first time the four artists and friends had shown their work together. After a tough year for everyone locally and around the world, they were all very excited to present this unique exhibition as one of the first of CEMENTA Festival 2021 program - WAYOUT in Kandos, NSW. 

Gallery photos by Alex Wisser