Canteen Gallery, Chippendale NSW
March 2021

EXHIBITION DATES March 25 to April 4, 2021


Tanja Bruckner and Steve Tierney pervert the aesthetics of fashion photography by cross breeding form with content. The shapes are the familiar curves of the human body stretched taut and idealised. The contents are the hair, flesh, and body parts that reflexively constitute the fashion image inescapable in our culture. 


The artists combine these common ingredients into objects that cut against and defy the autonomic effects of envy, avarice, and hyper sexualised desire that are their universal production in popular culture. 


At once highly sensuous and cold as the cut of an image of human flesh, here is familiarity copulating with alienation, monsters of pure humanness. Objects that are animals and animals that are objects. 


The result is not a moral tale, sermonising on the sins of the flesh. It is a revelation of the violent forces that these images both repress and release.


Alex Wisser

Creative Director

Cementa Inc.

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Tilda Swinton visiting Canteen gallery exhibition Idolatry