Combining photography and collage, Tanja Bruckner and Steve Tierney explore the body and the intersections between identity, beauty, and masculinity. Replacing the female model with nonconventional figures, their large cut and reassembled images of the human form disrupt notions of representation in popular culture by interchanging the traditional with the unexpected.

Both artists have a background in advertising and media. Bruckner has extensive commercial, fashion and portrait photography experience and Tierney has worked in graphic design and publishing, as well as exhibiting his own collage work. Shared views and experiences brought them together to explore themes around body representation, toxic masculinity and gender norms.

Their large scale experiential installations invite the viewer to move through the artworks in a surreal world of familiar and unusual shapes that work to combine the archetypal woman and man together, into one being. Sexual, vulnerable, playful and deliberate, all at once.